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Elementary Math

In addition to being a powerful computation engine for higher-level knowledge, Wolfram|Alpha can also solve elementary math problems, such as arithmetic, fraction conversions and math word problems. It can also perform arithmetic operations on underspecified values to determine parity, sign or other qualities of an expression without knowing the exact values in the expression.


Perform multiple arithmetic operations.

Do basic arithmetic:

Find square roots:

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Compute percentages or solve percentage increase/decrease problems.

Convert a fraction to a percentage:

Calculate a percentage of a quantity:

Compute a discounted price:

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Mathematical Word Problems

Compute the answer and examine related facts for a math word problem.

Solve a word problem:

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Perform arithmetic on fractions.

Add fractions:

Multiply fractions:

Do exact arithmetic with fractions:

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Place Value

Explore place value charts for decimal numbers.

Show place values for a number:

Find the value of a particular digit of a number:

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