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Wolfram|Alpha contains a large volume of data on materials, both manmade and natural, including woods, metals, minerals, plastics and more. Many of these materials have important applications in industry and construction. Use Wolfram|Alpha to learn about the physical, thermal, mechanical, optical and processing properties of materials and compare materials by common name or manufacturer specification.


Explore data on a large variety of metallic alloys.

Get information about an alloy:

Compare several alloys:

Request a property of an alloy:

Compare the values of a property for several alloys:

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Material Hardness

Convert between different material hardness scales.

Convert a specific material hardness to various other systems:

Convert a material hardness number into a specific system:

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Explore data on material properties of a range of wood varieties.

Get information about a type of wood:

Request a property of a type of wood:

Do computations with wood properties:

Calculate dimensional lumber volumes:

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Bulk Materials

Examine data on a range of bulk materials used in engineering and construction.

Get information about a bulk material:

Query a particular material property:

Compare properties of different bulk materials:

Compute properties of a stockpile:

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Get answers to your questions about minerals and their properties.

Get information about a mineral:

Compare several minerals:

Request a property of a mineral:

Do computations with mineral properties:

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Materials Chemistry

Get chemical properties of materials.

Compare the density of two common plastics:

Find the chemical composition of a material:

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  • Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Physics
  • Plastics

    Get data on a huge variety of commodity and engineering plastics.

    Find information about plastics by chemical makeup:

    Get information about classes of plastics:

    Get information about plastics by manufacturer and trade name:

    Compare properties of different plastics:

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