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With a wealth of information about hundreds of thousands of notable people throughout history, Wolfram|Alpha can compute answers to countless complex questions. Find out what famous people share your birthday or hometown, compute movie stars' ages when their most famous films were released, look up Nobel Prize and Academy Award winners, compare the net worth of the world's richest people and much more.


Look up and compare detailed profiles of notable people.

Get information about a person:

Compare several people:

Use a birth or death date in a computation:

Connect birth or death date with other subjects:


Look up celebrities' birthplaces or find famous people who were born or died in a given city.

Find a place associated with a person:

Look up people from a certain area:

Arts & Media

Explore books, films and other creative works produced by or featuring notable people.

Find movies by property:

Connect a work of art with other subjects:

Find texts by a given author:

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Delve into historical stats for every modern Olympic competition as well as NBA, NFL and MLB teams, players and games.

Get historical NBA player statistics:

Compare player stats:

Find medals won by an athlete:

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Find famous people sharing a particular given name or surname.

Find people with a specific name:

Compare surnames:

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Dates & Times

Look up and compare notable people's birth and death dates.

Do computations with birth dates and other data:

Find people born on a specified date:

Find the birth or death date of a person:

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Explore Nobel Prize and Academy Award winners by year and specific category.

Find a group of Nobel Prize winners:

Find awards won by a given individual:

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  • Companies
  • History
  • Institutions & Organizations
  • Genealogy

    Investigate the family connections of famous people in history.

    Find information about a person's relatives:

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    World Leaders

    Discover birth places and dates for political leaders and heads of state along with their official position, country, start date and the historical succession of the position.

    Get information about a current political leader:

    Get information about a past political leader:

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