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Dates & Times

With comprehensive information about calendar systems, time zones, historical periods, notable recurring events and more, Wolfram|Alpha is a powerful assistant for questions about dates and times at school, business or home. Get detailed scientific information about ancient geological eras; count down to holidays or other significant events; convert between time zones, calendars and time formats; compute differences between dates or times; or explore useful and fun information about dates, from historical events to corresponding birthstones.

Date & Time Computations

Calculate the current time or a length of time and compute the difference between dates.

Find out the current date and time:

Specify a date by its place on the calendar:

Do computations with birth dates and other data:

Calculate a length of time:

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Generate custom calendars and convert dates between calendar systems.

Generate a calendar for a month:

Generate a calendar for a year:

Get information about the calendar:

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Recurring Events

Find information about a single recurring event or compare multiple events.

Get information about a recurring event:

Compare information for past events:

Unix Time

Get the Unix encoding for any time or date.

Get the Unix encoding for the current time:

Get the Unix encoding for an arbitrary date and time:

Translate a Unix time encoding:

Birth Flowers

Learn about flowers and flower families traditionally associated with each month.

Find birth flowers for a specified month:

Time Zones

Find out the time zone of any city and learn generally about each specific zone.

Get information about a time zone:

Get the current time in a specified city:

Convert the time in one location to another:

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Islamic Prayer Times

Compute prayer times and Qibla direction for any date and location.

Find information about Islamic prayer times:

Historical Events

Learn the dates of significant events or find out what important things happened on a given date.

Get the date of a historical event:

Find notable events in a specified date range:

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Geologic Time Scale

Learn about geological eons, eras, periods or epochs and their corresponding time frames.

Get information about a geological eon, era, period or epoch:

Find the geological epoch corresponding to a given time:

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Wedding Anniversaries

Search for the specific names or gifts associated with any particular wedding anniversary.

Find names for a specified wedding anniversary:

Find gifts associated with all wedding anniversaries:


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  • Dates & Anniversaries
  • History
  • People
  • Religion
  • Society & Culture
  • Units & Measures
  • Holidays

    Compute the time until a specific holiday or find the date on which a holiday occurred during any given year.

    Compute the date of a holiday:

    Compute the dates of holidays for a given year:

    Do computations with holidays:

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    Birth & Death Dates

    Find out when and where notable people were born or find out who passed away on any specific date.

    Find people born on a specified date:

    Find the birth or death date of a person:


    Learn what birthstones correspond to each month or to specific dates.

    Find birthstones for a specified month:

    Specify a date:

    Find the Ayurvedic birthstones for a month: